Celeb Buzz: 5 Fave Fashion Moments of January

This month, there has been a lot going on in fashion & entertainment. We all probably saw the many awards shows that took place this month on top of Paris Fashion Week. Many celebs really werked these red carpets and showed off some fabulous fashions. But we all know some do it better than others! Here are my top 5 favorite fashion moments of January.

# 5: Ciara in Lanvin


Ciara looked so sleek and
sophisticated sporting her baby bump in this Lanvin pin striped suit from the Mens Wear FW14 collection.

# 4: The Kardashian Sisters


Kylie, kourtney, and Khloe all looked gorgeous in their nudes, creams, and pale pink color tones. They made it look so easy to be that fly… Effortless.

# 3: Lupita Nyong’o in Ralph Lauren


Absolutely Beautiful. This color was perfect for her skin tone. Her make up was perfect. I loved the cape on the dress! It was subtle enough that she didn’t look like superwoman, but present enough for people to get it’s purpose in the look, which was to make her look like a GODDESS! It was so fitting for the Golden Globes. She did that! Loved it.

# 2: First Lady, Michelle Obama in Azzedine Alaia


Mrs. Obama looks great! So poise and put together as always. She always looks very fashion forward and this Azzedine Alaia dress and cardigan allowed her to pull that off once again. I think it’s so cool these pieces are recycled, too!

# 1: Beyonce in Michael Costello


After she arrived at the Grammys last year in a sleek black and white jumpsuit (which I still thought was genius!), I was amazed when Queen Bey showed up this year in this white Michael Costello Gown! It was FLAWLESS! Some said her hair was too puffy and she didn’t live up to expectations. I thought otherwise. I loved it. She gets three snaps from me! Loved it!


And there you have it my favorite 5 fashion moment of January!

What were some of yours?


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