Quick and Fun| Looks on the run!

So, last week I had a load of home work to do, stayed up til about 3am, and accidentally missed my alarm the next day. I woke up an hour late. It was one of those day where even tho I was late, I wanted to look cute (It was the only pretty day during last week, of course, i did!)

Well, even though I only had 30 minutes to get ready (not enough, lol), this is what I ended up looking like!


Not too bad, huh? I decided to go for something simple with a hint of edge and a hint of fun.


This sage green button up shirt from Banana Republic (Men’s wear) is the simple. The cheetah print scarf that I got from Walmart added the fun! Let’s keep on mind, I was still headed to class. I didn’t want to do anything too fun.


This lipstick from wet n’ wild (Cherry Bomb) added the edge! It complimented the cheetah print and sage color of the shirt equally. (I love that lipstick!)


Just a quick tip on how to look great even when you’re late!


2 thoughts on “Quick and Fun| Looks on the run!

  1. I absolutely love this ensemble, and the fact that you only had so little time to put it together was even more amazing!! Keep the fashion tips rolling, Ms. Fashionista!


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