FaceTime| Flirty Looks for Spring!

I have been really picking up on doing my makeup lately!

I’ve had so many places to go in the last two weeks where I wore makeup, and I haven’t had time to post the looks on the blog! Now, I finally have time, and I want to show you guys some looks I’ve done since the new season started. Hopefully, it’ll spark some inspiration for cute spring makeup ideas that you can try!

  • Ruby Sings the Blues!



This day, I was gonna go hear some live music at Huey’s! I wanted to look sultry but still sweet! I decided to go for soft eyes and a bold red lip from LA Colors!

  • Lavender Delight!



I think this was the day, I took myself out for ice-cream at Yolo! It was the second day of Spring, and it was so beautiful out. I wanted to look feminine and cute! Lavender/pink is always my go-to color when I’m in that mood. I played up my eyes with different shades of pink on the lids and darker, dirty rose colors in the crease. And then I decided to do the Lavender Tint from NK Cosmetics on the lips.

  • Spring Goddess



Oh, this was a fun night! I went out with friends to grab drinks at Happy Mexican! I wanted to do something bold, but still flirty and fun! I did a shimmery gold under the brow bone and then a green to blue ombré on the lids. I went with a softer lip. I used a dark brown lip liner on top of a nude pink from LA Colors and blended it out with a sheer pink lip gloss from Wet ‘n Wild!

Hope you found some inspiration from my weekend beauty looks!


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