Who Wore it Better| Kim vs. Kanye

I was doing my regular morning fashion surfing on the web yesterday and I found a picture of Kim Kardashian attending a political press event Tuesday.

She looked gorgeous wearing a black plunging neckline blouse, black Harlem style trousers, and black blazer with a silk lapel.


After looking at the pic for a while, the look started to seem familiar. I began searching and came to find out, I had seen the same all black look on the reality star’s fiancée, Kanye!


Both all black, accentuated with gold jewels/accessories, and almost identical blazers (I also just so happened to find pics where they were doing the same pose. How cute is that? Lol)

Kim kept her all black chic and simple with a thin, single chain necklace, a gold clutch, and strappy gold single sole heels.

Kanye used gold as attention-grabbing statement pieces with a chunky pearl and gold, draped necklace and some flashy gold wrist wear.


So which K rocked it better, Kimmy or Yezzy?

Let me know your thoughts comments!


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