Why Girl Talk?


This part of my blog will just be where I write about different topics that we as women all deal with, things that I may go through personally, and other things that may just be on my mind to write about. I know when I go through things, it helps to hear about someone else who is going through or has gone through the same or similar issues. This will be strictly based on my experience and the experiences of other women I know, so feel free to comment, relate, voice your own opinions as well. You can also send me a topic that you would like advice on or that you would just like me to write about by going and submitting it through the Ask Me tab. I would love to hear from you guys! I believe in “girl power” (lol) and building each other up as women. So please keep the comments positive. Thank you guys so much for supporting me and my blog!!

Amber Cherré



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